Privacy Policy


0. Introduction

1. Information We Collect

2. How We Use Information

3. How Information Is Shared

4. Data Retention

Dear User, Vocol (hereinafter referred to as "Vocol" or "we") respects and protects your privacy and will not disclose your account or your personal information to unrelated third parties without your permission or following the law.

This Privacy Policy applies to all products and services (hereinafter referred to as "Services") and websites provided by Vocol, and is intended to help you understand how Vocol collects, processes and protects the personal data you provide. Please be sure to read the following information carefully:

  1. Information We Collect

When you register as a Vocol user, Vocol will require you to enter your email and password. When you use or accept Vocol services, you can enter, upload, and store any voice, text, images, videos or other data (collectively referred to as "content") on Vocol. We may collect and receive the following data:

  • Account Information

In order to establish an account and process payments, we may collect and receive your personal information upon your consent:

  • Information to identify your personal identities, such as name, address, email, mobile phone number, electronic signature, certificate serial number, records of providing network identity authentication or applying for inquiry services and any other identifiable information. If necessary, you may also have to provide other types of information, such as personal photos, profiles, nationality, and social media usernames.
  • Information to identify your financial accuracy, such as bank account numbers and usernames, credit card or debit card numbers, billing addresses and other payment information, insurance policy numbers, personal identification numbers or accounts, etc.
  • Some Vocol devices support payments and transactions with third parties. If you activate this feature, you must provide certain information for identification and verification, such as your name, credit, debit or other card numbers, card expiration date, and CVV code. This information is encrypted and sent to your card network, which upon approval sends back to your device a token, which is a set of random digits for engaging in transactions without exposing your card number. For your convenience, we store the last four digits of your card number and your card issuer’s name and contact information. You can remove the token from your account using your account settings.  
  • Information that enables the government to identify individuals, such as national ID number, certificate number, tax identification number, insurance certificate number, license plate number, etc.
  • Usage Data

We may collect and record data about your use of Vocol, such as login and usage times, IP addresses, transaction information, access logs, call data, leisure activities, and interests, as well as how you use the Internet or other electronic networks with others through Vocol, such as creating or sharing notes. Usage data may be collected through cookies or similar technologies. When you use Vocol, Service settings and options information and records (including dates and times) may be collected as well, for example,

  • Device ID, accounts ​s​ettings, and languages.
  • Operating system, and Vocol app version.
  • Search records, and URL information.
  • Online identifiers, Internet activities, cookies and similar tracking technologies, including data automatically recorded by our servers, such as your web requests, IP address, browser type and settings, referral/exit pages and URLs, number of clicks, date and time stamps, language preferences, and other such information.
  • Videos and audio recordings of your interactions with Vocol and other Vocol users, and transcriptions of these recordings (if you  upload videos or send vedeos to other users).If you participate in sales calls or user research and choose not to opt-out of call recordings, the collection of biometric information related to call recordings may also be involved.
  • Your use of third-party services, devices, and apps.
  • The content you post on any Vocol service item, such as images, audios, texts, titles, descriptions, communications, and other types of content.
  • Information about your interactions with our websites (e.g.,, such as the locations you click, the length of time you visit pages, your mouse cursor position, and other data to help us understand your experience and provide you with the best user experience.
  • Information ​that ​is automatically processed when you visit our websites or use our app.
  • Device information and activity when you use Vocol via a mobile device, such as the type of device you are using, device ID, operating system version, and mobile network information, which may include your cell phone number.
  • Location Information

If you agree to share, we will collect the IP location you use to connect to Vocol, and the location information of your mobile device. We will also collect some data from your device, such as country, region, and approximate (not precise) location. In some cases, we may use third-party map apps (such as Google Maps) to help verify addresses.

  • Device Information

After you agree to a device authorization request or notification, we will collect the number and type of devices you connect to the Vocol service, as well as the operating system (e.g., iOS, Android, Windows, etc.) on those devices. For example, when you install, change, or use a Vocol application, we will collect personal information (such as IMEI, SIM number, or another identifier) to enable our services to operate smoothly.

  • Information We Receive From Third Parties

Sometimes Vocol receives your information from third parties (other individuals, marketing services, third-party links), which may include name, email address and business contact information, as well as other information provided by individuals or Vocol users.

If you choose to link your Vocol account to another service’s account, we may receive information from those services. For example, if you link to Facebook or Google, we may receive information such as your name, profile picture, age range, language, email address, and list of friends. You may also choose to grant us access to your exercise or activity data from other services. You can stop sharing information from other services with us by removing our access to those  services.

  1. How We Use Information

We are committed to protecting your privacy. The data collected and received will be used for the following purposes.

  • Provide Our Service

In order to maintain, provide and improve our products and services, Vocol may use your information to operate our products and services, to communicate with you, to process transactions when you change your Vocol plan, for security and fraud prevention, and to comply with the law.

  • To troubleshoot and prevent security threats, abuses, and illegal activities, for example,
  • Securing our systems and products against fraud or unauthorized activity.
  • Identifying, troubleshooting, and fixing bugs and errors.
  • Complying with local and global laws and regulations.
  • Complying with a government, court order, valid law, legal subpoena, or other lawful processes that meet the requirements of our Law Enforcement Guidelines.
  • Investigating (in good faith) alleged violations of our User Terms of Service.
  • ​​To communicate with you

We may use information about your use of Vocol such as your phone number, email address, and name) and information related to third-party integrations to      

  • Share important notices, updates, and product changes.
  • Share necessary notices such as security and fraud alerts.
  • Advertise or market Vocol services to you. You have the ability to unsubscribe from promotional communications at any time.
  • Facilitate reporting and analyze the performance of the Vocol platform or features available in Vocol.
  • Provide information on seminars, public presentations and research.
  • Respond to your instructions and get your feedback.
  • Provide cross-device management of your account.
  • If you use the same Vocol account on different browsers or devices (such as smartphones or tablets), we may locate or try to locate the same unique users across multiple browsers or devices, in order to save your preferences across devices and analyze usage of our products and services.
  • Provide you with usage reports and help identify and resolve problems with your account and answer your questions.
  • Collect your opinions through surveys, research studies, and questionnaires
  • Subject to local laws and regulations, we may combine information about your use of the Products with information we obtain from other sources and use it in the ways described above.
  • We may aggregate and de-identify information related to your use of Vocol (such as how many tasks or projects you created) so that such information can no longer be linked to you or your device. We may use such aggregated and de-identified data for any purpose, including but not limited to research and marketing purposes, and may also share such data with any third parties, including advertisers, promotional partners, sponsors, event promoters, and/or others.
  1. How Information Is Shared

Vocol will not sell or lease your information and will operate its service under the following conditions.

  • You agree to or instruct us to share
  • You can set privacy permissions for specific information (such as your profile image, posted messages, usage statistics, etc.) in your privacy preferences and other tools to determine the scope and content of information that can be seen by other service users.
  • You may also instruct us to share your information by granting third-party      applications access to your account, participating in meeting discussions, granting access to information to others, etc. Their use of your information will be governed by their privacy policies and terms. You can use the unsubscribe and third-party application options in your account settings to exercise privacy control.
  • Public comments
  • Any information you submit through such public forums or other areas where you can upload and publicly share comments or feedback with other users is not confidential. Any information you post openly in these ways will be available to the public at large and potentially accessible through third-party search engines. Such information can be read, collected and/or used by other users, and it could be used to send you unsolicited messages.
  • Vocol may use it for any purpose (including but not limited to sales, marketing, operations, research, analysis, operations, etc.)
  • Provide external parties for processing, including service providers, affiliates and other third-party vendors.
  • We transfer information to our affiliates, subsidiaries, service providers and other partners who process information for us. These partners provide us with a variety of services​ worldwide​, including, but not limited to, customer support, information technology, marketing, sales, payment, operations, provision of content and functionality, advertising, analytics, research, data access, security, fraud prevention and other services.
  • Please note that we may de-identify information generated from your visit to Vocol website and use of Vocol service (e.g., number of usage frequency, search keywords, emails, etc.). We may also "match" this information to cookies (or mobile ad identifiers) and other proprietary IDs, and you may see more advertising messages related to Vocol as a result.
  • We may retain or disclose your information for the following legal reasons. Upon receiving a notice requesting disclosure of your information (such as a search warrant, court order or subpoena), we will notify you of the legal process requiring disclosure of your information unless prohibited by law, court or government, but this will not apply in cases of emergency related to the danger of death or serious personal injury.
  • To comply with local laws, legal procedures or governmental requirements in the location where the device is located.
  • To protect the legal rights of Vocol or its users.
  • To prevent or investigate illegal activity, fraud, abuse, or violations of terms.
  • To prevent threats to the security of the Service or the personal safety of any person.
  1. Data Retention
  • We may transfer the information we collect about you across borders to third-party processors in other countries or jurisdictions around the world. This may occur from your country or jurisdiction to other countries or jurisdictions around the world.
  • Vocol uses appropriate technical and operational security measures in accordance with local laws (including standard contractual clauses) to protect personal data when transferring it across borders in the territory of the ​​ Republic of China.
  • Unless required or allowed by law for a longer or shorter retention period, we will retain your information within the scope of the purposes outlined in this privacy statement. Vocol will make every effort to protect your information from illegal destruction, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or loss, and will continuously update and improve our protection measures, but there is no absolutely secure method of transmission or storage, and we cannot guarantee the absolute security of this information.  
  1.  We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time – we encourage you to review it periodically. We will post the updated Privacy Privacy on this page.  Any new Privacy Privacy will be effective from the date it is posted.  

If you have any comments or questions about our privacy policy, or if you wish for us to amend or delete your Personal Information, please contact us at