Terms and Service

  1. Introduction (Article 1)
  2. Age requirement (Article 2)
  3. Privacy policy (Article 3)
  4. Use of an account (Article 4)
  5. Types of Users (Article 5)
  6. User guidelines (Article 6)
  7. Disclaimer (Article 7)
  8. Notification (Article 8)
  9. Third-party rights (Article 9)
  10. Dispute resolution and arbitration (Article 10)
  11. Modification (Article 11)
  12. General terms (Article 12)
  13. Refund policy (Article 13)

1. Introduction

  • Hello, and welcome to Vocol.ai Terms of Service. Please read these Terms and our Privacy Policy carefully, which apply to you and Aiello Inc. and its affiliates ("Vocol.ai", "we", "us", "our"). The terms "Vocol.ai," "we," "us," or "our" in these Terms of Service refer to the party that provides Vocol.ai Services to you under the Agreement.
  • These Terms of Service apply to your access and use of Vocol.ai through mobile, tablet applications (collectively referred to as the "Services") and websites (including but not limited to https://www.vocol.ai/).
  • By accepting these terms and creating a Vocol.ai account, you agree to abide by the following rules when using Vocol.ai services. If you violate these Terms within the scope of relevant laws, we have the right to terminate our services to you or close your Vocol.ai account at our sole discretion.
  • Your privacy is important to us, and we respect your right to understand, access, correct, transfer, restrict processing, and delete your information, including matters related to privacy. These rights have been made accessible to our users around the world.
  • Through interactions with you and our services, Vocol.ai collects information from you. Some of them are based on information you provide directly, while others are gathered from data related to your interaction, use, and experience with Vocol.ai.
  • The information we collect is based on the content of your interaction with Vocol.ai, as well as your choices (including privacy settings) and the services and functions you utilize. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time if Vocol.ai processes your personal data with your consent.
  • It's possible that we won't be able to fulfill your request in certain circumstances. For instance, Vocol.ai is obligated to maintain transaction records in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, even if you ask us to delete them.
  • If your request would undermine our legitimate use of the service for anti-fraud and security purposes, such as your request to delete an account that is under investigation for security issues, or if your request infringes upon the privacy rights of others or is exceptionally impractical, we are likely to decline it.
  • Aiello Inc. and its affiliated companies are located on 5th Floor, No. 60, Yangguang Street, Lane 321, Neihu District, Taipei City 114, Taiwan. If you have any questions about the terms, please contact support@vocol.ai.

2. Age requirement

To use Vocol.ai Service and access any content, you need to meet the requirements below:

  • Declare and guarantee that you are over the age of 13 and have the ability to agree to these terms. If you do not meet the minimum age requirement, registration is not allowed.
  • According to the laws of your country/region, if you are a minor, the consent of a parent or guardian is needed.
  • Guarantee that you can legally sign the contract with us.
  • Guarantee that any registration information you submit to Vocol.ai is true, accurate and complete, and you agree to keep it that way at all times.

3. Privacy policy

  • For how we collect, use, and share your information, please read our Privacy Policy (including the cookie use statement) carefully. Please agree that we can collect and use your information following the Privacy Policy.  
  • The Privacy policy is considered an attachment to these terms and a part of it.

4. Use of an account

Before accessing Vocol.ai Service, you need to create a Vocol.ai username and password to register a Vocol.ai account. During registration, please confirm that you have understood and agreed as follows:

  • Guarantee that the registration information you provide to us is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.
  • You are solely responsible for keeping your password confidential and secure.
  • By registering, you agree that you are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your username and password.
  • We may assume that any communications we receive under your account have been made by you.

5. Types of Users

  • According to the access to our Services and product, there are three different types of users:
  1. Visitors.
  1. Free Users.

          -Users who use the free version of the Vocol.ai Service are referred to as "Free Users".

          Free Users may have limited access and use of the Service.

  1. Prepaid users.

          -Prepaid users can pre-deposit a certain amount, and enjoy different Services based on the chosen consumption items.

  • No matter what type of user you are, these terms are a legal agreement directly between you and Vocol.ai by your accessing or using the Service and websites.
  • We may update and modify these terms occasionally in compliance with local regulations. Notice of changes to these terms will be provided to you. By continuing to use the Services and Site after such updates, it will be considered as your acceptance of the revised terms.

6. User guidelines

     6.1 Intellectual Property Rights

  • The Service and Website, together with all materials used therein (including software, design, text, editorial materials, literary works, photographs, illustrations, audio and video clips, artwork, and other graphic materials, as well as names, logos, trademarks, and service marks), either in whole or in part, are owned and operated by Vocol.ai and/or its partners and are protected by the laws of the Republic of China (Taiwan), including but not limited to, trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, and trade secrets, etc. You have to understand, agree and acknowledge the following:

         (1). You agree to comply with all intellectual property notices and restrictions, and any applicable legal regulations of intellectual property.

        (2). You acknowledge that the Service and Website were developed, compiled, prepared, revised, selected, and arranged by Vocol.ai with significant time, effort and expenses, which constitutes intellectual property rights of Vocol.ai.

        (3). You understand that unauthorized use of Vocol.ai Services and any materials contained on the website may violate trademark, patent, copyright, trade secret, and other related laws.

You retain the intellectual property rights in the original content you created. With the permission of others, you may also have the right to share the content of others.

Rights you grant us:

  1. Your grant is worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free.
  1. Vocol.ai utilizes the collected data to give you an exceptional user experience. You authorize Vocol.ai to perform the following actions:

          (1). Our system provides preservation, management, and dissemination, which means you can access your content anytime and anywhere;

          (2). Offer our Vocol.ai services, which include improvement, optimization, development, updating, protection, and troubleshooting, and technical support;

          (3). Make derivative works that are based on your content (including reformatting your content or performing translation) and execute the actions listed above on them (If you've made this content accessible to others).

  1. We will sublicense these rights to other users in accordance with the instructions sent by users on Vocol.ai. To ensure that Vocol.ai's services and operations meet the service purposes and functions (such as allowing you to share photos with the individuals you choose).‍

6.2 Using our Service

You can submit information, documents, and other related materials on the Vocol.ai Services ("Your Content" or "User Content") and share User Content with others under the following conditions.

  • Users retains all rights and control over the User Content as outlined in the Terms of Service or the Customer Agreement. By User Content to Vocol.ai, Subscriber grants Vocol.ai a limited, non-exclusive license to access, use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, publish, transmit, host and display Subscriber's User Content for the following purposes:

          1. To provide, improve, and maintain all of Vocol.ai's Services.

         2. To prevent or address technical or security issues.

         3. To investigate when we have received a complaint alleging, legal subpoenas, or government notices regarding Customer Content that violates the laws, terms of service, and privacy policy or is otherwise inappropriate.

         4. Following any other terms specified in the terms of service, customer agreement or written permission from the user.

         5. If user content is in violation of the law, Vocol.ai's privacy policy, and terms of use. Vocol.ai will take action and handle the content in accordance with the laws at the time or within the relevant laws at the time.

6.3 Feedback

The ideas, suggestions, and other materials that you provide us about the use of Vocol.ai Services (collectively referred to as "feedback") are not confidential. When you submit any feedback, it shall be considered that you have agreed that we can use, disclose, copy, distribute, and exploit the feedback without any payment or compensation to you, and the feedback shall be considered User Content.

6.4 User Obligations and Commitments

  • To ensure the maintenance of a peaceful, mutually trusting, and respectful usage environment, you agree to adhere to these Terms of Service, our various service business regulations, relevant regulations of the Republic of China, and international usage practices and etiquette of communication networks. You also declare and guarantee that your content will meet the following requirements:

          1.Comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including international conventions for the protection of children and women, communications regulations, and laws related to drugs and human trafficking.

         2. Respect the rights and legal interests of others, including but not limited to, physical, property, reputation, freedom, credit, privacy, commercial reputation, trade secrets, and intellectual property rights (including but not limited to, moral rights, trademarks, and patents).

         3. Don't engage in any activity, post any User Content, or register and/or use a username, which is or includes material that is offensive, abusive, fraudulent, defamatory, impersonating others, bullying, harassing, false, misleading, or threatening.

         4. Do not steal, alter, destroy other users' content, or transmit and spread viruses.

         5. Do not incite any illegal or harmful activities or encourage others to commit crimes or violate valid laws and regulations.

         6. Do not post any User Content, or register and/or use a username, which is obscene, pornographic, vulgar, violent, harmful, hateful, aggressive, inciting discrimination, bias, racial discrimination, or terrorism against any individual or group.

         7. Without permission, it is not allowed to enter, tamper with or use Vocol.ai's Service, websites, computer systems or technology delivery systems of Vocol.ai's suppliers.

         8. Do not probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of any system or network or breach or circumvent any security or authentication measure.

         9. Do not interfere with or disrupt the access of any user, host or network, including, without limitation, by sending a virus, overloading, flooding, spamming, mail-bombing the Service and Websites, or by scripting the creation of User Content in such a manner as to interfere with or create an undue burden on the Service and Websites.

      10. Do not reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify or create unauthorized derivatives on any part of the Service and the data or content provided by the Services.

      11. Do not view, access or collect information by manual or automated means (including by sock puppets, and web crawlers), or enter or search the Services and websites by any means other than through Vocol.ai's public interface.

     12. Do not attempt to disrupt or overwhelm our infrastructure by intentionally imposing unreasonable requests or burdens on our resources (e.g. using “bots” or other automated systems to send requests to our servers at a rate beyond what could be sent by a human user the same period); or

     13. Do not engage in conduct that is inconsistent with the Service or that the Company has reasonable grounds to believe is inappropriate.

We have the right to unilaterally change, remove or refuse to display any of your content if necessary, and may prohibit you from posting, uploading, storing, sharing, transmitting, or displaying your content through Vocol.ai.

You promise that all the User Content, feedback and other information you submit will not infringe the rights of any third-party and promise to abide by the following matters:

  1. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold Vocol.ai harmless from all damages (including third-party claims) arising from the User Content or feedback you submit through Vocol.ai Services and/or websites. The above damages also include those caused by typographical errors, semantic errors or inaccuracies.
  1. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Vocol.ai harmless from any damage (including third-party claims) caused by user content or feedback submitted by you in Vocol.ai Service and/or website. In any case, you may cooperate with us to claim an available defense. Vocol.ai reserves the right to independently defend and control such disputes at its own expense.
  1. We reserve the right to remove part or all of your content in accordance with the law if we reasonably believe that your content:

          (1) Violates these terms, service-specific additional terms or policies;  

         (2) Violates applicable laws and regulations;

         (3) May be harmful to other users, third-parties. For example, content related to child pornography, content that facilitates human trafficking or harassment, terrorism-related content, and content that violates the intellectual property rights of others.

  1. We have the right to terminate or suspend your services if we are aware of or receive complaints that you are in violation of any of the above provisions. If you have any objection to the termination or suspension, you may notify us. When your use of this service is terminated or suspended, we will not be responsible for you or any third-party. In addition to the legal liabilities arising therefrom, you shall also be liable for compensation and reimbursement for any damage or loss (including but not limited to litigation costs and attorney's fees incurred in civil, criminal and administrative proceedings) to Aiello Inc. or its affiliated enterprises, employees, trustees, agents and other relevant performance aids.

7. Disclaimer

You understand and agree that:

  1. While using the Vocol.ai Services and/or the Website, you may be exposed to offensive, misleading, indecent, inaccurate, or objectionable User Content or feedback from other users. Vocol.ai is not responsible for any of such content or feedback.
  1. You will be solely responsible for all the User Content, feedback and other information you submit, and Vocol.ai does not control and is not responsible for any User Content or feedback submitted by you.
  1. Any oral or written consultation or suggestion you get from Vocol.ai does not constitute Vocol.ai's guarantee.
  1. Vocol.ai will provide cautious, reasonably available and technical Services without any form of guarantee in accordance with the service agreement. Vocol.ai will not undertake any express, implied or statutory guarantee for Vocol.ai and user content, including any guarantee of meeting your needs, no interruption, safety or zero error in use, marketability, commercial or specific applicability, non-infringement, or quality, accuracy, timeliness, authenticity, integrity or reliability. Vocol.ai will try its best to eliminate the interference of malicious software but does not guarantee that there is no possibility of malicious software or other harmful parts in Vocol.ai and any user's content.
  1. Vocol.ai will not make any statement, guarantee, or assume any responsibility for the content, third-party applications (including application content), User Content or any products or Services marketed and promoted by third-parties on Vocol.ai Service or through the hyperlinked website of Vocol.ai Service. Vocol.ai will not be responsible for any transactions between you and third-parties either.
  1. Vocol.ai Service does not have the accuracy of medical or scientific measuring devices. Our Service is to provide users with useful reference information; We do not make any representations or warranties for any content, information, Services or recommendations of Vocol.ai and its users. Any decisions you make are entirely at your own risk.
  1. The information provided by Vocol.ai Service does not have the legal effect of notarization and certification, nor does it have the evidentiary qualification and evidentiary value in court. We are not responsible for the correctness, accuracy, reliability, validity or correct use of the information you obtained from Vocol.ai.
  1. You understand that you are responsible for protecting and removing viruses from your own programs, documents and equipment to meet your specific requirements for antivirus protection and accuracy of data input and output, and for maintaining the Service and the Website, other than any method to reconstruct any lost data. We cannot and do not guarantee the files that may be downloaded from the Internet or our Services or websites are free of viruses or other destructive code.
  1. We will not be liable for any loss of profit, business loss, business interruption or business opportunity caused by your use or reliance on Services and Websites.
  1. If the negligence, fraud or malicious misrepresentation of our employees leads to the violation of the service agreement or applicable laws, resulting in death or personal injury, we will not exclude or limit our liability to you in any way, but we will not be responsible for any unforeseen loss or damage.

8. Notification

  1. If you are aware of any unauthorized use or access to your account, you are responsible to inform us at support@vocol.ai. You agree to cooperate with us to provide all the information needed to confirm your identity and protect the security of your account.
  1. Before restoring access or providing information about the account, if you ask Vocol.ai to provide information about the account due to your inability to access, or use the account or for other reasons, Vocol.ai reserves the right and sole discretion to require you to perform any verification it deems necessary.
  1. Vocol.ai will not be liable for any loss, damage, liability, expense or attorneys' fees arising from someone else's unauthorized use of your password or account, with or without your knowledge and/or authorization, and whether or not you inform us of the unauthorized use of your account. You may be liable to Vocol.ai or third-parties for losses, damages, liabilities, costs and attorneys' fees due to the inability of others to use your account.

9. Third-party rights

  1. The Vocol.ai Services may display, allow links to, access or use certain third-party content, promotions, websites, applications, Services and resources that are not under the control of Vocol.ai (collectively, "Third-Party Services"). This may include:

          (1) Information and content provided by third-parties;

         (2) Links to third-party websites or resources, such as sellers of goods and services;

         (3) Third-party products and services sold directly to you.

  1. In order to facilitate your use, we provide third-party services on Vocol.ai Services, which may include the case that you connect to third-party services with your Vocol.ai account and data. We only provide these links, but we are not responsible for the correctness and availability of any content, advertisements, products or other materials of third-party resources. We are also not responsible for any data processing practices or other business practices of the operators of third-party service websites or resources. You acknowledge and agree that Vocol.ai will not bear any direct or indirect liability for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use or reliance on any third-party services.
  1. You understand and agree that the above-mentioned third-party services are not part of Vocol.ai’s Services and are not controlled by Vocol.ai. You are solely responsible for and bear all risks arising from your interaction with or use of any third-party services. Vocol.ai will not make any representations regarding any third-party marketing, promotional content, third-party applications (including application content), user content or any products or services on the Vocol.ai Service or through the hyperlinked websites of the Vocol.ai Service. Nor does it make any warranties or assume any liability. Vocol.ai will not be responsible for any transactions between you and third- parties.
  1. You understand and acknowledge that these Terms and the Privacy Policy do not apply to any third-party services. Your interactions with third-parties will be governed by the third-party's own terms of service and privacy policy and any other similar terms. You must personally read and understand the terms, conditions, and privacy policies of the third-party services you use.

10.Dispute resolution and arbitration

  1. You may contact Vocol.ai at support@vocol.ai with your complaints about Vocol.ai Services.
  1. The establishment, implementation, interpretation and dispute resolution of these Terms of Service shall be governed by the laws and relevant regulations of the Republic of China.
  1. Before filing a lawsuit, both you and Vocol.ai must seek a solution through good faith consultation and negotiation, which is a prerequisite for any party to file a lawsuit, arbitration or other forms of legal relief. Both you and Vocol.ai shall use your best efforts to resolve any dispute, claim, problem, or any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms, Service-Specific Additional Terms, or the related Services by way of consultation and good-faith negotiation.
  1. If no agreed solution is reached within 60 days from the date of seeking good faith negotiation, these disputes will be fully under the jurisdiction of the Taipei District Court of Taiwan as the first instance, and the application of conflict rules will be excluded.

11. Modification

Vocol.ai reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Service and Websites (or any part thereof), with or without notice. You agree that Vocol.ai shall not be liable to you or any third-party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Service and Websites.

12. General terms

  1. If we fail to insist that you perform any obligations under these Terms, or if we do not enforce our rights against you, or if we delay in doing so, that will not mean that we have waived such rights and will not mean that you do not have to comply with your obligations. If we do waive a failure or breach by you, we will only do so in writing and that will not mean that we automatically waive any future failure or breach by you.
  1. Unless otherwise supplemented or excluded in these terms, this clause constitutes the complete and exclusive understanding and agreement between you and Vocol.ai. And these terms of service will replace any previous oral or written understanding or agreement between you and Vocol.ai . The complete agreement of Vocol.ai includes the following terms and conditions: Vocol.ai privacy policy and Vocol.ai refund policy. privacy policy and Vocol.ai refund policy.
  1. If there are major changes to the terms, we will notify you in advance to allow you to review the revised terms before continuing to use them. If you use Vocol.ai after the revisions take effect, it means that you accept the revised terms. You can review previous versions of these Terms in our archives.
  1. If any provisions of the Terms of Service are deemed invalid or unenforceable by a court with jurisdiction, the other provisions of the Terms of Service will remain in full force and effect.
  1. You may not assign or transfer these Terms to others without Vocol.ai's prior written consent. Any unauthorized assignment or transfer by you is invalid, and Vocol.ai will not recognize its validity and will not be bound. Vocol.ai reserves the right to assign or transfer these terms.
  1. We may send you notices by email, by posting notices on the Services and the Site, or by any other means we choose, and the date the notice is sent is deemed to be received.

13. Refund Policy

Vocol.ai values any feedback from our users, and if you request a refund, we will do our best to assist you in every step. The Refund policy will detail the refund principle of Vocol.ai, please be sure to read the following information carefully. 

  • Refund Principle

          1. You can apply for a refund by contacting Vocol.ai customer service.

         2. If you are dissatisfied with a recent purchase, or if you have not used the product, we will provide you with a reasonable refund.

         3. If you abuse the Refund Policy (e.g., repeatedly request refund for the same product), we will disqualify your refund application.

         4. If we find that you have violated Terms of Service or Privacy Policy of Vocol.ai through internal investigation, your eligibility for refund will also be affected.  

  • Refund requirements

         1. You must submit a refund application within seven days (including the day of purchase) of purchasing the product. If the application is overdue, it will be considered as a waiver of the refund application.

        2. The product being requested for a refund must be in an unused condition. For example, if you purchased a V-points 500-point supplementary package, you must apply for a refund while all 500 points are still unused.

        3. We will review the refund qualification within five working days after receiving the refund application.

        4. We reserve the right to review whether the refund is eligible.

        5. After the application for refund is approved, you shall not ask to choose the method of refund payment.  

        6. After the application for refund is approved, we will return it to your credit card (your original payment) within 14 working days after the approval.

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