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Just like having a workstation where you can keep your voice and conversations all in one place, process personal projects and collaborate with peers or teams with the power of AI.

Vocol.AI - All-in-One Voice Collaboration Platform | Product Hunt
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Vocol.AI - All-in-one voice collaboration platform | Product Hunt

Highly Secured & Functional Library
for Individual or Business

Your data security and satisfaction of using Vocol are our first priority.

All-in-one Library for Voice

The volume of calls, meetings, online courses, interviews, podcasts and web conferences can be overwhelming. Our cloud-based digital library consolidates everything for you and your peers.

Teamwork Made (Super) Easy

Switching from one tool to another one can lower your productivity by 70%. Stay on the same platform to upload your multimedia files, as well as share and collaborate with your team.

Authority Management For Teams

When it comes to sharing and collaboration, security matters. With Vocol, you can manage your team's access to files with permissions, based on their roles.


Uncover Blindspots
In Your Voice!

With Vocol, you get first-hand access to all your voice and conversations! Find the most important insight among tons of files in a snap.

Multimedia File Depository

Multiple ways for different needs. You can upload audio and video files manually or connect to a conference system or meeting platform to automatically record meetings. Once the file is uploaded, Vocol will send you a notification for the next move!

Advanced Keyword Search

No time to listen to 2-hour-long meetings and tired of clicking non-stop to fast-forward? Searching topics and keywords directly in the conversations will be your life saver. Finding the key points has never been easier.

Find Things Faster

There are multiple ways of looking for files. You can filter by team, owner, number of comments, subject, topic or time period, etc. Then you can revisit and play back voice in a matter of seconds.


AI-Powered Transcript

Uncover blind spots with state-of-the-art technology.

Multiple Languages

Vocol automatically transcribes all audio-visual files in Chinese, English, and Japanese! What's more? Even when you speak in multiple languages in the same meeting, the accuracy of the transcription is beyond your expectation!

Best of all, you can use the Translate function to translate the generated transcript into another language. With support for over 20 popular languages, you'll no longer dread conducting meetings with multilingual speakers.

Transcript Translation

Want to share a meeting or a speech with colleagues but worried they won't understand? With GPT-powered translation functionality for over 20 languages, you can easily collaborate across borders.​​

​This multilingual recognition capability is just a click away. Our one-stop service allows you to obtain transcript translations without leaving the platform, enabling you to quickly apply them to personal learning and multilingual team collaboration.​

AI-Generated Summaries & Topics

Don't want to listen to the entire conversation? Not sure if your notes are correct? Vocol's AI accurately sums up the key takeaways into a bulleted outline and topics so you won't miss any critical moment.

Speaker Identification

It is hard to extract from tons of different voices. Vocol identifies, distinguishes and separates different speakers for you to further understand their key points. Replace speaker's name across entire transcript all at once to shorten processing time.


Unlock Productivity
with Action Items

Are you tired of the post-meeting scramble to capture action items and follow-ups? With our new Action Items feature, you can say goodbye to vague to-do lists and hello to crystal-clear clarity. Elevate your collaboration game by assigning action items to team members directly from Vocol, eliminate missed tasks, and keep your team aligned like never before.

Supercharge Your Collaboration

AI-powered Action Items feature extracts actionable tasks and decisions from your transcripts, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Smart Contextual Insights

Each action item is linked back to the exact moment in the conversation, providing a deeper understanding of decisions and priorities.

Automated Reminders

Stay on top of your to-do list with intelligent reminders. Vocol nudges you when action items are due, helping you stay organized and accountable.

Ready to take control of your meetings and supercharge your productivity? Join the ranks of thriving teams that are effortlessly converting conversation into action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many V-points can I get after creating Vocol account?

Every account gets 200 V-points. You can use 1 V-point to transcribe a 1-minute recording. (We use 10 V-points to transcribe a 10-minute recording.)

Which languages can Vocol support?

English, Chinese and Japanese. More to come, let us know what you need.

What payment methods can I use?

We currently accept debit/credit card payments. For business license, wire transfer is accepted as well.


See for Yourself

Vocol’s transcription and analysis AI has been a breakthrough catalyst to upgrade our human operating system. Thanks to its smart summaries and transcriptions, our team saved many hours on recalling the meeting decision.

Ariel Huang
Accountant at academia consulting firm

I can now coach and monitor my team members easily. I don't have to attend each meetings and can know what happened. Meanwhile, It also helps me make sure they can see our best practices and improve their skillset.

Jason Chiu
Senior Sales Manager at Tech Company

I just discovered, a great tool that lets me transcribe any audio file and provide a summary. This tool has been saving hours of work for me.

Michelle Hsu
Graduated School Student
All-in-one voice & conversation collaboration AI assistant

Put a stop to endless typing work with no purpose and start working smarter!