November 22, 2023

Strengthening Your Sales: How to Use for Business Development

Most sales teams use a CRM and little else in the way of technology. Learn how an AI voice collaboration platform like can enhance sales efficiency.

Strengthening Your Sales: How to Use for Business Development

Salespeople are biased toward action. They are always reaching out to prospects, taking meetings, and following up. In their rush to make deals, they can overlook tools that can enhance their efficiency. Most use a basic customer relationship management (CRM) system to track leads and deals, but employ no other solutions beyond that one.

The reluctance to use technology is understandable. There are an overwhelming number of tools available, most of which only provide marginal value. What salespeople need are tools that can help across the entire sales process. One such example are AI-powered voice collaboration platforms like

A tool like can help salespeople better understand their leads, improve their training, and get them better feedback, all of which will contribute to what matters most: more deals.

Improve understanding of customer problems

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The enterprise sales process is talk heavy. There are multiple meetings, pitches, and negotiations. After each discussion, sales people will type up their notes and input them into their CRM. The problem is that a salesperson cannot possibly remember all the details, so important content may be left out. The salesperson may forget the name and role of a decision-maker that needs to be brought in, an objection that the lead had, or even a request during the negotiation process.

An AI voice collaboration platform eliminates this risk. It begins by producing an AI-generated transcript that can automatically identify salespeople and leads, and comes with multilingual support. In addition to this transcript, the solution will create an AI summary of each discussion and a to-do list. Together, these documents improve the salesperson’s productivity.

From the AI summary, the salesperson can quickly glean critical information, such as the exact budget the lead was working with. From the to-do list, the salesperson can more quickly act to fulfill requests, such as asking the product team whether a particular customization is possible. Finally, the salesperson can dig into the transcript to get more details as necessary. With this documentation, the salesperson will become more responsive and close more deals.

Facilitate collaboration in broader sales processes

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There are many B2C industries that are just as labor-intensive as enterprise sales, such as insurance, finance, and real estate. AI voice collaboration platforms can help with the particular structure of these sales processes, which often involve multiple professionals across different functions.

At the very first level, can summarize a call and tag it appropriately. For example, a property company may field calls related to “buying,” “renting,” or “complaints.” The tag could help direct the call toward the right party: A “renting” call would be directed to the leasing office, which could then use either the transcripts or the highlights in preparation of fielding the inquiry. There is no awkward hand-off, resulting in poor service continuity for customers.

Once with the correct party, the AI voice collaboration platform can also assist through keyword filtering. It could be trained to detect particular keywords, so the team knows what to do for follow-up. For example, if the phrase “letter of intent” is mentioned, the leasing department could queue the deal with the others that need that item prepared.

In short, an AI voice collaboration platform accomplishes what it promises: It helps sales teams collaborate more intelligently.

Enhance learning and development for sales teams

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Both B2B and B2C sales processes need a feedback loop. Unfortunately, most organizations do not have this set up. Instead, they typically have key performance indicators for salespeople, who are either praised for exceeding them or reprimanded for failing to meet them. There is little insight or feedback into why a particular result occurred, which is always the more helpful discussion.

An AI voice collaboration platform like can create this feedback loop. It begins with the auditors, who can QA twice as many calls or meetings per week from transcripts and summaries. With each analysis, auditors can judge sales professionals for both adherence to standard operating procedures as well as overall performance.  

This information is also an opportunity for wide-scale learning and development. For example, perhaps an auditor or business development manager notices that leads are frequently inquiring about a particular insurance plan that agents know little about. The insurance company could shore up their agents’ knowledge about this plan, so they can better sell it. The company could even use records of specific calls as a case analysis on how to better handle selling that insurance plan.

An AI voice collaboration platform can help with training and L&D on an individual level and company-wide, beginning from when salespeople are onboarded and continuing throughout their tenure with the organization.

Rethinking sales

Sales teams may be reluctant to use new solutions because they view sales as a process that depends on the personal touch: Every person involved in a deal must be responsive in listening to and addressing each lead’s needs. The assumption is that incorporating more technology will move them away from this goal.

In reality, the right technology can keep sales teams better attuned with their leads. Such is the case with an AI voice collaboration platform like, which transforms the sales process. It alleviates sales professionals from the cumbersome task of recording notes, so they can concentrate entirely on the lead through improved documentation, collaboration, and even training. Sales teams that implement such solutions will go further with each lead, generate greater revenue, and most importantly, solve more customer problems and pain points.

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