October 6, 2023

How to Enhance Transcription Accuracy for AI-Powered Services

Transcribing audio accurately is essential for various professional and personal applications, from meeting minutes to content creation. Check out our list of practical recommendations to improve transcription accuracy.

How to Enhance Transcription Accuracy for AI-Powered Services

Transcribing audio accurately is essential for various professional and personal applications, from meeting minutes to content creation. AI-powered transcription services, such as, have revolutionized this process. However, to achieve optimal accuracy, it is crucial to set up your environment and hardware appropriately. In this blog post, we will discuss practical recommendations to improve transcription accuracy using the platform.

Ensure Good Audio Quality

For a business meeting recorded for transcription using, using a high-quality external microphone in a quiet meeting room will significantly enhance transcription accuracy.

Use Quality Recording Devices: Utilize a good quality microphone or recording device to capture clear audio. External microphones often provide better sound quality than built-in ones.

Minimize Background Noise: Record in a quiet environment to prevent unnecessary noise interference. Closing windows and doors can help reduce ambient sounds.

Our Recommendation: Start with clear, high-quality audio to improve transcription accuracy.

Optimize Audio Settings

Before recording a lecture to be transcribed using, adjust your smartphone's audio settings to the highest possible sample rate and bit depth for the best transcription accuracy.

Proper Levels: Ensure that the audio input levels are set appropriately to avoid distortion or inaudible recordings.

Sample Rate and Bit Depth: Set the sample rate and bit depth of the recording device to the highest possible settings for better audio clarity.

Our Recommendation: Adjust audio settings for optimal transcription results.

Speak clearly and at a moderate pace

Use Clear and Concise Speech

Whether it's a business meeting or a podcast recording intended for transcription using, speakers should enunciate clearly and avoid talking simultaneously to facilitate accurate transcription.

Avoid Overlapping Speech: Wait for your turn to speak, and avoid speaking over others, as overlapping speech can confuse the transcription model.

Pronounce Words Clearly: Ensure proper pronunciation of words, especially technical terms or names, to improve transcription precision.

Our Recommendation: Speak clearly and at a moderate pace to aid transcription accuracy.

Choose the Right Subscription Plan

If you transcribe meetings on a regular basis, upgrading to a plan with enough usage points will help to minimize potential errors with uploading files or processing AI functionalities due to insufficient credits. Furthermore, most subscription plans tend to come with exclusive features that are usually not available with the basic plan.

Understand Plan Features: Thoroughly review the features offered by different subscription plans and choose the one that aligns with your requirements for accuracy, turnaround time, and additional features.

Upgrade for Advanced Features: Consider upgrading to a plan that offers advanced features such as analytics and insights.

Our Recommendation: Select an appropriate subscription plan that meets your transcription needs.

Utilize Speaker Separation Features

In a panel discussion recorded for transcription using, the speaker identification feature can be employed to accurately attribute statements to each speaker, resulting in a more precise transcription.

Speaker Identification: Opt for services that offer speaker identification to distinguish between different speakers in a conversation. This can reduce confusion and improve accuracy, especially in group discussions.

Speaker Labels: Ensure that each speaker is assigned a label or identifier to track who said what in the transcription. In, you can label a segment by a speaker and the AI will be able to associate various parts of the transcript by the same speaker.

Our Recommendation: Leverage features that differentiate between speakers to enhance accuracy.

Transcribe Segments of Longer Audio Files

When transcribing a lengthy interview for a research project using, breaking down the interview into logical segments ensures a more accurate transcription and easier review.

Split Long Audio: Split long recordings into smaller segments to prevent the transcription service from struggling with extended recordings, thereby ensuring higher accuracy for each segment.

Organize and Label Segments: Clearly label each segment to maintain context and coherence during transcription.

Our Recommendation: Break down long audio files into manageable segments to enhance accuracy.

Proofread and Edit Transcripts

After using to transcribe a meeting, allocate time to review the transcript and make any necessary corrections or additions to ensure an accurate and meaningful document.

Correct Mistakes: Review the transcribed text and correct any inaccuracies, ensuring the final transcript is error-free and reliable.

Add Context: Using the Comment function, insert context or references that might aid in understanding the transcription better, especially for technical or domain-specific terms.

Our Recommendation: Allocate time to proofread and edit transcriptions for accuracy.

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Optimizing transcription accuracy for AI-powered services like involves a combination of thoughtful setup, utilizing available features, and appropriate post-processing. By following these recommendations and understanding how to enhance audio quality, configure settings, and utilize advanced features, you can significantly improve the precision and efficiency of transcriptions. Experiment with these strategies and tailor them to your specific needs to unlock the full potential of AI-powered transcription.

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