January 19, 2024

A Comprehensive Guide to

Looking for an AI voice collaboration platform? Learn how can address all your business needs through its powerful feature suite.

A Comprehensive Guide to

As an AI voice collaboration platform, has an impressive suite of features. In the past, we have devoted entire articles deep-diving into each one of them, including transcription, translation, tagging, commenting, downloading txt/srt, action items, and more.

When fixated on each feature, it can be challenging to see how comprehensive is. In this article, we will zoom outward and discuss all the features side-by-side. This comprehensive guide to is perfect for prospective users who want to see how the platform can address all their use cases, as well as current users who want to maximize its use.


The heart of is its transcription capabilities. Unlike other transcription solutions, is optimized for the modern working environment. With its noise reduction feature, it can accurately transcribe meetings even with the usual background noise from an office, coworking space, or coffee shop. Still, businesses should try to maximize transcription accuracy through good usage practices. can also correctly identify each speaker in a conversation. This feature is important for any business that demands accountability (i.e. who offered to take responsibility for a task?) and attribution (i.e. who came up with that brilliant marketing idea?).

Multicultural businesses should know that can transcribe in Chinese and Japanese as well as it can in English. is ideal for any business that has regular remote or in-person meetings and would like better documentation. A call center, for example, may want to use’s transcriptions as a feedback loop in training agents to upsell and cross-sell better.


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Although the corporate world is increasingly globalized, local teams may still communicate in the vernacular with one another. The use of vernacular presents a problem when teams from other markets may need to understand what transpired at a given meeting.

To address this challenge, you can take advantage of’s translation feature. You can translate a given transcript into 25 of the most popular languages, affording you instant understanding of another team’s meeting.’s translation feature makes it ideal for a broad range of businesses, such as businesses that offshore services to another country, businesses with local and regional offices in other markets, or businesses headquartered in one country that provides products or services to another.

For example, a tech company based in Singapore might use to translate meetings held in other Southeast Asian countries where English is not the first language, such as Thailand, Vietnam, or Indonesia. This company would eliminate any language barrier and facilitate even more successful cross-cultural collaboration.


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There are many transcription solutions that can provide an accurate transcription of a meeting. The problem is that most employees will never review every line from a transcription. They are not treated as living documents.

The failure to review transcriptions is a failure of technology. Employees don’t go back to review transcripts because there is no meaningful way to collaborate based on them. Sure, they could write out their thoughts about a transcript in a separate document or email, but this is a high friction activity (can you imagine having to manually reference timestamps for different statements?). provides a more elegant solution: Users can comment directly on transcripts or their associated summaries. While this may seem like a simple feature, it is a significant quality-of-life improvement for users. Now you can directly draw attention to parts of the transcript that you have questions or comments for.

The ability to comment makes ideal for any highly collaborative industry, such as technology, advertising, finance, or real estate. For example, a creative director may want to highlight the meeting portion where the client gives the creative brief, so their copywriters and artists may follow it down to the last detail.


Commenting is the first layer of collaboration. It may be ideal for scenarios where a person wants to pose an open-ended question to several people. When an employee wants to call a specific person’s attention, they should use the tagging feature. With tagging, they can alert any of their colleagues, who will receive a corresponding notification via email.

Tagging ensures that the right person addresses the right item. For example, one employee may have a question for another, need feedback or approval from a supervisor, or want additional clarification. For collaborators not yet already on, they also get 300 additional minutes for every person they refer that signs up.

Tagging will be useful for any business on, but it may be especially helpful for any industries where information is paramount, such as finance or healthcare. For example, a nurse may want to tag a doctor to seek elaboration on a patient’s recommended weight loss program, so nothing is misunderstood or overlooked.

Downloading txt/srt

There are many transcription solutions that act like walled gardens. Upon transcribing a meeting, these solutions require that users can only view the transcription within their software.

This requirement impedes collaboration. Some employees may need access to a transcription when they have intermittent connectivity or are offline. Others may need access to a transcription when they are mobile and cannot conveniently sign-in to the software. These hurdles do not make sense: Employees should have access to their transcriptions anytime, anywhere. gives users the ability to download transcripts and translations as SRT or TXT files. This ability ultimately saves you time. Now you can review important meetings when offline, such as traveling on a plane, or when you are on the go, such as while waiting for a person at an on-site meeting. It may be especially useful for industries with significant traveling or offline time, such as consulting, retail, or logistics.

In short, works for the user, not the other way around.

Action items

One of the common issues with meetings is that there is poor follow-through on what was discussed. Some businesses try to address this problem by designating a person to take minutes. Because minute-taking is resource-intensive, businesses fail to conduct this process for all meetings, leading to the same issue: a lack of execution. addresses this issue through action items. These are automatically generated by AI based on what was said. Users can edit these or manually add in their own items, both of which can be updated with a status and marked as completed when done.

Action items are ideal for businesses in industries where meetings are a jumping-off point to complex tasks and workflows. For example, a retailer launching a new in-store promotion can use’s action items to designate the corresponding tasks to its marketing and sales staff. Operationalizing this feature will ensure a successful launch with no hiccups.

Action items are a key part in making a voice collaboration platform. Through them, businesses can improve continuity from plans to execution.

Getting started now

For businesses already using, congratulations. Your organization is well on the way toward improving productivity across the workplace by learning about’s powerful features. You may also want to encourage your team members to complete their mobile SMS verification to obtain 60 additional V-points,’s usage currency, to gain even more from the platform. is the realization that transcription is only the first step. What matters is how employees spring forward from this documentation to enhance collaboration.’s features - from translating and tagging to commenting and action items - are oriented toward this goal: Make it easier for team members to work together.

If your business wants to evolve from documentation to collaboration, your starting point should be

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